Assembling Your Wedding Invitations the Right Way

There's a certain etiquette that comes with wedding invitations. After all, they are a sign of what's to come – therefore, you want them delivered on time and with style and class. Here are some general guidelines to follow when assembling your invitations:

Addressing the envelopes: For a married couple, address both individuals, even if the bride may know only one of them. Traditionally, a man's name precedes a woman's name (except for in the case of a bride and her groom-to-be). However, either way is acceptable.

Stuffing: If you have a folded invitation, insert it folded edge first. For a single card invitation, the left edge should be inserted first. Enclosures like reply cards, envelopes, maps and directions are placed on top of the invitation, printed sides up, with the smallest on top. The inner envelope is then sealed and placed in the outer envelope so that the name of the guest or guests are visible.

Check postage: Once your envelopes are assembled, take one to the post office to have them weighed. It's likely that all the contents will call for extra postage.

Mailing: Be sure to send all of the invites out at the same time – about five to eight weeks before the wedding date. Include stamps on return envelopes and include a return address on each outer envelope.

More Answers to Your Etiquette Questions.

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